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Welcome to my blog!
My name is Cicely my friends call me Cisco though, I'm 16, and I have a condition called CF (Cystic Fibrosis) I was diagnosed at 15 months, after several tests. 
 I do my physio twice a day, I say do, I mean when I remember...I have tablets, lots, this year I'm going to learn what to take and when and become more independent.
I am like any normal teenager, who fangirls over boybands and singers, who dreams bigs, who wants to be in with fashion and wants to be popular with peers.  I'm in year 11 so this is an important year for me!
I have the most amazing friends and even though I have this condition I wouldn't change my life for the world. I mean Yes I would love not to have this but I wouldn't be me and I wouldn't have close friendships as I do! I have the best support I could want and probably the best life.
I had a vascaport inserted on the 21st of November 2012. 
My favourite colour is Pastel Pink
My birthday is 5th March
My twitter - @heyimcicely
My favourite food - Probably Chicken! 

I love talking to fellow people with CF.
This website is great: http://www.cftrust.org.uk/forum/index.php 
It gives great advice from people who have been through these things.  
It helped my decided where to have my Port placed and generally helped me decide whether to have it!

-So I hope you enjoy reading
- Give me ideas too! - ciscomathews@gmail.com
Thanks x

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